The Road Less Traveled

Distinguished Awards

Academic Achievement Award
California Association of Bilingual Educators Award
California Distinguished School
2014 Charter School of the Year

Through the generous and continued support from people in the community (like you), El Sol is providing its students with a pathway to their American Dreams. Clearly, the development of the School’s outstanding educational and related community service initiatives has not always been easy. But the School’s leadership, teachers, staff, families and students have accepted the challenges embedded in its academic mission and have benefited tremendously from its community support.



Alejandra Garcia attended Sage Hill on a full scholarship and is now at Stanford University.

El Sol has introduced many educational innovations. They include a unique dual immersion curriculum focusing on improving literacy in Spanish and English and the STEAM initiative focusing on teaching principles and age appropriate content concerning science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics. El Sol has begun a unique preschool and has embedded ethical choices and citizenship in its overall curriculum. The School has initiated many important teaching innovations. It has provided important services on site to strengthen the health and wellbeing of El Sol families and their children. Finally, it has instituted a strong teacher and staff accountability system, and an award winning equally strong management system.
The changes that have taken place at El Sol have and continue to receive national and local recognition. For example, recently, Dr. Henry Cisneros, former Secretary of HUD, said this about El Sol, “the El Sol Science and Arts Academy is one of the nation’s top schools. It offers Latino children real opportunities to live their American Dream.” Peter Goldmark, former head of the Rockefeller Foundation said, “El Sol’s academic progress lends optimism that America can expand the American Dream to low income students.” Dr. Thelma Melendez, former superintendent of schools in Santa Ana, indicated, “I am proud of the academic progress El Sol has made over the last several years. It really provides many lessons to all schools, public and private.” Significantly, parents of El Sol children, often indicate that El Sol gives their children hope that they can and will have opportunities to secure their American Dreams.



Jonathan is currently a Freshman at Cal State Dominguez Hills.

El Sol’s growing academic excellence has been noted by a variety of institutions. Last year, it was named Charter School of the Year in California out of a pool of 1100 charter schools by the State’s Charter School Association. It has been declared a Distinguished School for several years by the State of California. The White House’s Education Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics called El Sol an educational Bright Spot for Hispanic children. The School has been used as a training site for student teachers, provided technical assistance to the Netherlands on school administration, and was used as a case study on how schools can make a difference in the education provided Latinos in a well-regarded study published by the Center for American Progress in Washington. El Sol has received awards for good management and its first new classroom building that opened in 2015 was profiled in the School Construction Magazine and Wired Magazine.