The El Sol Capital Campaign

Plans For The Future Of El Sol

Converting El Sol’s Dream To Reality

To Access State Support

El Sol has, through a competition, been allocated 25 million dollars for the improvement of the school. Half of it will come from the government as a loan, and the other half will come in the form of a grant – both sums will be used to complete site development. This includes the costs of planning, design, buildings, landscaping, recreation areas, technology connections, furnishings and infrastructure. The success of this campaign will permit El Sol to take down the outmoded, overcrowded, deteriorating modular facilities and complete the construction of much needed new school buildings. However, to access these funds El Sol will require 1 million dollars before the end of August and 2.5 million more by the beginning of November; it has raised $650,000 to date, and of this amount, $500,000 require match funding. Please consider a significant gift – El Sol is a major educational asset to the city of Santa Ana, the state of California, and the nation as a whole, to say nothing of the importance of the school to the contiguous community that surrounds this institution. We hope you find it in you to donate to help support us in this noble undertaking. For further information on El Sol and the foundation, contact Marshall Kaplan ([email protected]) or Teddie Ray ([email protected]) via email; alternatively, they can be contacted by phone, Marshall at (949)-689-5003 and Teddie at (714)-267-4680 for any questions you may have.

Donor Considerations

Helping Build the American Dream for Children

El Sol’s Foundation Board and El Sol hopes the following information might help you consider a capital campaign gift.

  1. Privacy: We know that some donors may want their gift to be private. El Sol will follow Donor wishes and insure privacy.
  2. Donor Outreach: Donors may want El Sol to publicize a gift, for example, perhaps, as part of a corporation outreach to the public. El Sol will work with a donor to assure positive and strategic publicity consistent with the desires of the donor and the educational objectives of the School.
  3. Naming Options: El Sol has become one of the best most respected publically chartered schools in the nation. Its predominantly low income Latino students secure a quality education and access expanded opportunities to secure their American Dreams. Naming El Sol or its varied Buildings and Spaces internal to and external to buildings will provide lasting permanently valued acknowledgement of a families, individuals, businesses, foundations contributions to the education of students in America, Santa Ana, and the State of California. El Sol’s and the Foundation’s Boards have approved the following naming options
  4. Gift Payments: El Sol will accept various ways donors might want to provide gifts. For example, it will accept payment in the form of checks, cash, credit cards, stock and securities, real estate and life insurance. If it is required by donors it will also discuss with donors phasing of gifts, etc.
  5. Tax Benefits: The tax code is complicated and benefits are different for different kinds of gifts ( e.g. cash, stock etc). Donors should clearly discuss benefits with a qualified tax attorney or accountant. But its useful to think about the benefits in terms of one common category. For example, a gift or a pledge of 2.5 million could provide a donor with 1,107,000 dollars in tax deductions, assuming current federal tax rates of 35% for couples with an adjusted gross income of 398,000 dollars and 9.3% state taxes assuming couples with adjusted gross income. The net cost of the gift would be 1,392, 500 dollars.